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Welcome to Custom Sports Covers! This is my site where will you will find all my latest and greatest custom sports game covers. All my covers can be found by clicking on their respective sport's tab in the navigation bar (NFL, NBA, NCAA, and NHL). I currently feature covers for:

NCAA Football 12 **NEW**
Madden NFL 11
NBA 2K11
NHL 11
NFL 2K10 (This is a replacement cover for NFL 2K5)
NCAA Basketball 10
College Hoops 2K10 (This is a replacement cover for College Hoops 2K8)
NHL 2K10

I also have an archive of covers from former games, which can be found in the Old Covers section....

NCAA Football 11
Madden NFL 10
NCAA Football 10
NBA Live 10
NBA 2K10
NHL 10

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All the covers on this site are high resolution (300 dpi) and are print ready for you to use for your favorite sports games. Instructions on saving and printing these can be found in the FAQ's section.

If you are interested in making your own, and looking for resources, help and a great community, check out my affilate site, Sports Cover World (my username is "Cyclone" on there)

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